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Belt Replacement on all Eureka Bravo Vacuum Cleaners Models


Turn off switch and unplug vacuum cleaner before servicing vacuum cleaner. Belt pulleys and belt can become hot during normal use. To prevent injury, avoid touching the motor pulley when checking the belt. Vacuum cleaners create suction and contain a revolving brush roll and moving parts. Keep loose clothing, hair, fingers, and all parts of body away from openings and moving parts.

Step 1

Turn off vacuum cleaner and unplug power cord from wall.

Step 2

Move adjustment knob to lowest setting

Step 3

Lower handle to lowest position and turn over vacuum, so bottom is up.

Step 4

Check to see if your vacuum has four screws. If your vacuum has four screws remove the screws and Go To STEP 7.

Step 5

Remove the two screws in the front.

Step 6

Place screwdriver beside latch and twist and push down to release latch. Repeat on other latch.

Step 7

Turn vacuum cleaner over. Pull up on top to remove.

Step 8

Remove switch pedal by tilting it outward.

Step 9

Remove belt cover.

Step 10

Remove brush roll by placing a screwdriver blade between the end cap and base and prying against end cap.

Step 11

Remove old belt.
CAUTION: Belt pulleys and belt can become hot during normal use.

Step 12

Place new belt on motor shaft.

Step 13

Place belt on brush roll pulley.

Step 14

Stretch belt so that end cap on belt side is aligned and in place in base.

Step 15

Now pull opposite end cap into alignment and snap into place.

Step 16

Rotate brush roll with your hand to make sure belt is seated properly.

Make sure your brush roll turns free. If brush roll does not turn free, try to free up by removing hair or threads that may have wound around brush roll or belt pulley. A build up of old rubber, threads or hair could cause the belt to slip. If you cannot free brush roll replace brush roll and/or bearings and belt.

Step 17

Replace belt cover.

Step 18

Tilt and rotate switch pedal into place.

Step 19

Make sure adjustment lever is in lowest setting.

Step 20

Place top back on vacuum and press down.

Step 21

Turn vacuum over. Replace the screws.