Power Wheels 6 Volt Battery By Fisher-Price 00801-1230

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Rechargeable Power Wheels 6 Volt batteries, for use with the following Power Wheels(r) vehicles: 6-volt vehicles (Toddler Series Vehicles). Thermal fuse included.

•Brand New


•6 Month battery warranty

Caution: Use other then a genuine replacement Power Wheels battery can void your warranty. Type 6V battery system only

•OEM #: 00801-1230

•Fit Models : Fisher-Price Power Wheels

G2580 Little People Tot Rod • H4793 Little People Tot Rod • J4030 Get Set Go! Kart • J7825 Dora Lil Quad • K0451 Lil Barbie Trail Rider • K0452 Lil KFX • K3034_My_First_Craftsman • K4565 Diego Lil Quad • M0411 Pink Tot Rod • M1349 Toddler School Bus • M1350 Firetruck (TRU) • M5130 Get Set Go! Kart • M5728 Batman Lil Quad • M7246 Batman Lil Quad • M7331 Lil Quad Restage • N2892 Barbie Princess Lil Quad • N3460 Barbie Lil Quad • N8379 Lil Quad Pink (Target) • N8415 LP Toddler School Bus • N9356 Jeep Blitz • N9732 Barbie Wrangler • P5065 Harley Rocker • P5921 Hot Wheels VW Beetle (Kmart) • P6830 Barbie VW Beetle • R2510 Disney Princess Tot Rod • R8932 Jeep Blitz • T1961 Barbie Jeep Lil Wrangler • T3260 Handy Manny Tot Rod • T3639 LIL Lighting McQueen • T4869 Pink Harley Rocker • T4963 Thomas Toddler • T5003 Toy Story lil quad • T5169 Thomas Toddler • T5427 Princess Tot Rod • V3298 Toy Story 3 Tot Rod • V3299 Mickey Mouse Tot Rod • V4100 Mater • V4343 Dora Lil Quad • W2603 LIL Lighttning McQueen • W5541 Lil Lighttning McQueen • W6199 Hot Wheels Jeep Blitz • W6200 BLITZ-GIRL BARBIE JEEP • W6209 VW Barbie Beetle • W6214 Kawasaki Lil Quad • W6215 Barbie Lil Quad • X0067 Harley Rocker • X0071 HW Jeep Blitz WM • X0072 Barbie Jeep Blitz (WM) • X0075 - Batman Lil Quad • X2247 HW Jeep Wrangler • X2248 Barbie Jeep Wrangler • X3050 Camo Lil Quad • X3051 Princess Lil Quad • X3414 Barbie VW New Beetle • X3421 Lil Kawasaki • Y1773 Red Kawasaki Lil Quad • Y4997 Minnie Lil Quad • Y5267 Camo Lil Quad • Y8639 Dora Lil Quad • Y8640 Lil Lighting McQueen

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