Ridgid 24V 130377001 Lithium Ion 3.0 Battery

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Ridgid genuine replacement 24V battery. Warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials in this RIDGID tool for the three year period from the date of purchase. This warranty is specific to this tool. Warranties for other RIDGID products may vary.

•Compatibility – works with all RIDGID® XLi™ and MaxSelect™ tools

•Charge level indicator – check battery charge level any time at the push of a button

•Less weight – supplies 24 volt power at an 18 volt weight

•3.0 Amp./hour high capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack – up to 160% longer run time

•Intelligent battery – monitors battery condition and usage to ensure proper and complete charge

•Thermo–conditioning – uses the cell’s own energy to warm cells, optimizing battery efficiency in extreme temperatures

•Environmentally friendly battery chemistry – better for the environment

•Use With Charger 140315001

Lithium style batteries must be shipped using UPS only! Due to Government regulations and the extra special shipping precautions shipping charges will be higher then standard charges. Please! Be sure to use your shipping address when ordering! 

If at any point during the charging process none of the LEDs are lit, remove the battery pack from the charger to avoid damaging the product. DO NOT insert another battery. Return the charger and battery to your nearest service center for service or replacement.

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